Professional Learning & Development

Upskill teachers to make the most of the technology available to your school

Professional Learning Development

We’re here to help you make the most of your school’s systems and technology, through our professional learning and development (PLD) options.

Upskilling and empowering staff doesn’t just make life easier for them, it makes for better learning development for your students. A win-win.

Professional Learning & Development



Ministry accredited.

Our team of facilitators are Ministry Accredited to deliver PLD across the motu.

Learn your way.

We have PLD delivery modes designed to meet the needs of all your staff. From online webinars to in-class modelling, from staff and team meetings to conference key-notes, we have an option for you.

Funding available.

TTS is on the Ministry of Education’s PLD panel. We can help you apply for hours and deliver any hours you have received.

More than just IT.

Our facilitators cover learning including: digital fluency, technology curriculum(including NCEA), literacy, trauma-informed practices, and digital communication(including school website support).

How Our PLD Works


We can support you to understand funding options that suit your needs. We’ll meet with your key staff to ensure your needs are understood and accommodated within the plan.


We develop an individualised PLD programme for your school and teachers. This means teachers don’t have to sit through another staff meeting they are already experts in and others get the opportunity for more intensive learning.


As agreed in the plan, our facilitators will deliver the PLD programme, ensuring regular reflection and, where necessary, modification of that programme to meet the desired outcomes for your school.


As part of all PLD, we will reflect on the changes and look at the future and support your school to make ongoing plans. We’ll stay in touch to ensure your PLD is sustainable, meaningful, and measurable.

School-Wide Benefits:

Less headaches, more empowerment.

In class modelling reduces the amount of release time needed by teachers.

Makes life more efficient when everyone is on the same page with technology.

Get more out of your PLD and IT budget

Supports leadership in planning for future needs, developments, and opportunities

Developing creativity in students and improving engagement across the curriculum

Regular reflection and support with a facilitator who knows you

What schools are saying:

“Our staff have thoroughly enjoyed the professional learning they received through TTS and have shown pedagogical growth and development.

The confidence to use technology across the curriculum has improved, and the way students use devices has changed. The learning has been relatable and contextual and has taking into account our localised curriculum and the themes and ideas in our kura.”

- Principal, Waihi East School
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“Our Teacher Aides thoroughly enjoyed the courses with Caroline. They felt it was a wonderful opportunity for some new learning, revision and refreshment of what they already know.

They really enjoyed the discussion and opportunity to share and collaborate new ideas. They were very appreciative of the opportunity, so a big thank you to your team for this professional development. ”

- Deputy Principal, Marina View School
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Not sure if PLD is right for your school?

Check out “Three Ways PLD Can Support Your School” to learn how our PLD facilitators are supporting schools and staff around Aotearoa.

Find A Facilitator

Our Ministry Accredited facilitators all have real-world experience teaching in classrooms like yours.

Chat with an Expert.

Get in touch to chat with a professional about how PLD can support your teaching and learning.

Hi, I'm Janet

janet badley

I have been working for TTS for the past 7 years assisting schools with their technology infrastructure and digital alignment with the MoE.

Before that I was completing a Batchelors of Business with a major in Management and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, I worked in Massey University tutoring, relief lecturing, and marking in the business college while also being a director of a small software company. I also previously held roles as sales manager in the corporate world.

Within the professional learning environment, I specialise in assisting schools with strategic management, change management and leadership. These are all challenging areas that often require specific planning and implementation. Change is not only synonymous with technology but is part of the daily environment in education and embracing change can be a daunting. My goal is to assist schools to feel comfortable and accepting of necessary change.

Hi, I'm Caroline

I have worked in Education for over 25 years in early childhood, primary, intermediate, secondary and currently at a tertiary level. During that time, I led many diverse roles including being a teacher aide, a teacher, a co-counsellor and an adult educator. I have a post-graduate diploma in Teaching as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education. In 2022, I completed a Master in Contemporary Teaching through The Mindlab.
Currently a lecturer in Unitec, Te Pūkenga on a foundation course for ākonga with disability and/ or neurodiversity, I had spent the last four years working in a specialist residential school for ākonga with extreme behaviours. Throughout this time, I researched, trialled and implemented trauma-informed practices to help support ākonga who had previously disengaged from education to re-engage.
My passion for trying to grow resilience and self-efficacy in ākonga runs alongside a passion for using digital applications/ techniques, personalised learning and gamerfication for encouraging and increasing engagement.

Hi, I'm Nicole

tts pld team nicole middleton

I am a graphic and digital designer with nearly 20 years experience designing for the digital realm. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, a Certificate in Computer Engineering and am a certified Adobe Creative Educator.

I am passionate about using technology to bring ideas to life and love encouraging learners to look for new ways to answer old questions. As a life-long learner myself, I always enjoy trying out new creative tools and exploring the impact they can have on students’ learning outcomes.

I am excited to be part of the TTS team and continue to help schools make the most of their websites and support teachers and students in creating engaging graphics, presentations, videos, websites, and more.

Hi, I'm Dr. Wendy

Dr. Wendy Slatter

I’m a teacher with 20 years of classroom experience in a range of schools, locations, deciles and age groupings. I have background in technology education with a specialisation in Food and Material Technology.

I am passionate about technology education. So much so that it lead me to complete a Masters and PhD in Education qualifications where I explored communities of practice, teacher pedagogy and defined technological food literacy. I believe that many hands make light work, and networking and collaboration are key tools in the teacher kete.

I am currently part of the Subject Expert Group working with the Ministry of Education on the Review of Achievement Standards project.

Hi, I'm Karen

I am a primary trained teacher with over 20 years’ experience finding new ways to effectively implement digital technologies into the classroom. I have always been passionate about finding and utilising digital tools within my class, and I enjoy exploring the internet to find new tools and learn about new ways in which other educators use digital technologies to best support their students.

I believe that is it important to find the right tools for you and your students as every class and school is different. Digital tools and technologies change rapidly and what may not have been suitable in the past could be just what you need now. I look forward to working with and supporting you to find and implement the best digital technologies for your specific learning environment.

Hi, I'm Dr. Phill

I am a specialist teacher and PLD provider of creative writing, drawing on 20 years’ hands-on experience in the primary classroom teaching years 0-6, and as literacy leader, ALL teacher and CoL teacher.

In addition to my classroom experience, I bring my own experiences as a creative writer to my PLD sessions. I have published over 100-chapter books and 9 novels. Much of my published content is for the education market in NZ, Australia, the U.S, U.K and China. Publishers include Macmillan, Pearson, Oxford University Press, Capstone, Lift education, Sunshine books and Cengage. In addition, I have written several assessment and comprehension guides as well as books on how to teach creative writing (Essential resources). I hold a Doctorate in Education (EdD), where I investigated how primary school teachers teach creative writing, often focusing on the use of digital technology. As well as education and teaching qualifications, I also hold a Masters in Creative Writing.

I can provide individual hands-on modelling and feedback, as well as whole staff PLD. In addition, I examine the potential of new media (technology) in creative writing pedagogy.

Hi, I'm Heather

I am a primary teacher of 30+ years experience covering all year levels from 1-8. I believe in “lifelong learning” and am passionate about encouraging teachers to be facilitators of their learning, and that of their students. I believe knowing when, what, why and how to implement digital tools to fit the purpose of “the teaching and learning” is essential today. I believe relationships are intrinsic in education, connecting people with tools/resources for teaching and learning, and how they support creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Hi, I'm Michael

Michael is a teacher with 8 years classroom experience, and has taught students from years 1 through to 8. He has a bachelor of teaching and continues to learn through post-graduate studies. Michael is passionate about literacy education, and how reading and writing can – and should – be made accessible and interesting for all learners in schools. As a teacher, he recognises the need for resources that engage, enable, and empower students so they can achieve a meaningful, successful, and sustainable education.

Hi, I'm Nick

I am an MoE Accredited PLD facilitator with a BEd (Hons) Degree in Education. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching 11 to 18-year-olds, with the last fourteen years being in New Zealand. I believe in empowering teachers to be confident in a modern learning environment and to discover new ways of inspiring students. I am a firm believer of continuous improvement in the skills of a teacher to deliver a more interactive, productive and engaging experience. I am extremely skilled with Google Suite/Apps and Microsoft.

Hi, I'm Steve