Procurement and Leasing

Strong partner relationships with the world’s leading technology companies allow our team to source an extensive range of products at very competitive prices. From desktops, laptops and tablet computers, to software licensing, servers and storage, networking products, and a range of peripherals and accessories, right through to a complete school-wide upgrade, we can fulfil all of your hardware and software requirements.

Our team's wealth of knowledge and experience means we are well positioned to assist schools with implementing digital learning solutions that go well beyond dropping off a box of tablets and cables.

Relationships with the world’s leading technology companies

Advice you can trust

Total cost of ownership is an essential consideration with any IT purchase. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have around product suitability and compatibility, future-proofing, the value of warranty upgrades, and leasing and rent-to-return options. Our advice and recommendations are always in line with the Ministry of Education guidelines.

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