Who is TTS

TTS is an education company.  We deal in technology, but what we actually deliver is more support for teachers and better outcomes for students.  We help teachers grow the minds of future generations by simplifying digital learning.

That means our focus isn’t just on the latest gadgets or software, but on ensuring the technology meets the needs of both students and teachers. It must be easy and logical to use, while also seamlessly integrating into the teaching and learning already happening in classrooms all around the country.

In short, our systems bend to suit people, not the other way around.

Making technology simple

The ICT landscape is continuously changing – that’s exciting, but it brings challenges to schools to ensure that they have the right technology for their learning environment. We use our expertise of both teaching and IT to help make sure technology is easy to use, works every time, and truly supports learning outcomes.

Better value

We make your ICT invisible so that you can focus on teaching and learning. We do that by following best-practice – no cutting corners to appear cheaper. Just stable, reliable systems that will save you time and money in the long run. Our services are designed to fit any size institution and any budget.

Established company, proven history

We’ve been 100% NZ owned and operated for two decades. Now we have presences across New Zealand, with our experienced staff supporting hundreds of schools, tertiary institutions and ECE centres. That means we bring a proven track record, backed by stable infrastructure and processes, to every education provider.

Our Staff

The TTS team of account managers, e-Learning specialists, content developers and professional learning facilitators offer decades of educational experience gained from teaching and working within the New Zealand and international markets.

This wealth of knowledge and experience means the team are well-positioned to assist schools in leading through change. They are dedicated to helping with:

Our team are always keen to chat and assist where they can, so please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 887 700.

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