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Making technology simple

The IT landscape is continually changing, and this brings challenges to schools to ensure that they have the right technology that is easy to use, works every time, and truly supports teaching and learning.

TTS’ focus is ensuring that technology meets the needs of both students and teachers. We aim to make IT invisible. We do that by following best-practice – no cutting corners to appear cheaper. Just stable, reliable systems that will save your school time and money in the long run.

While getting the most from your IT can feel overwhelmingly complex, it doesn’t need to be. Our approach is focused on creating a system built for your school, your teachers and your students, so it feels seamless and straightforward. Also, our services can be designed to fit any size of school and any budget.


Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT for Schools provide specialist expertise around the integration of cloud technologies, wireless networks and the wider ICT infrastructure that enables schools to fully leverage the benefits of ultra-fast broadband and the increasing use of digital devices in the classroom, including BYOD programmes.


ICT Projects and Systems Integration

At the heart of our ICT project approach is engineering expertise that extends across all the major platforms, including Apple, Google, Windows and Novell, with fully integrated cross-platform solutions. We offer specialist capabilities around on-premise technology right through to transitioning to the cloud.


Cloud Migration

TTS works with many different solutions for schools; however, central to every environment is the infrastructure requirements of on-premise versus all in the cloud. Most schools will find that a hybrid infrastructure which incorporates both on-premise technologies as well as cloud computing brings the "best of both worlds" approach and provides an excellent solution for their needs.


Procurement and Leasing

With strong partner relationships with the world’s leading technology companies, TTS can source an extensive range of products at very competitive prices. From desktop, laptop and tablet computers, to software licensing, servers and storage, networking products, and a range of peripherals and accessories, right through to a complete school-wide upgrade, we can fulfil all of your ICT procurement (hardware and software) requirements.


Professional Learning

Professional learning and development are essential for improving student achievement. It’s challenging for teachers to keep abreast of technological advances independently. Professional Learning bridges the gap between teacher knowledge and current practice.


Locally Focussed PLD

Locally Focussed PLD is a structured and planned programme of professional learning and development, fully funded by the Ministry of Education. (Formerly known as Centrally-Funded PLD)

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“Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton, have employed Telco Technology Services for the past 6 years to help manage our IT services. During this time I have been the key liaison person between TTS and Sacred Heart. I have been impressed by the level of professional support given to the school. Their advice on IT infrastructure has been invaluable. The onsite technicians and engineers are always friendly, efficient and knowledgeable in their areas. Any problems are solved quickly and effectively.”

- Marina Smith, Data and Systems Administrator, Sacred Heart Girls’ College

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