TTS School Website Solution

Your School, Your Story

Reflecting on years of insight, we have created a mobile and budget friendly school website template that is accessible, secure, customisable and easy to maintain – giving you full control of your school's online presence and how you choose to communicate to your current and future communities.

Get in touch with our team to learn more, or check out our live school site now see how it works!

Designed to solve the problem of school websites

The web is a living thing – always changing and evolving. We’ve created a website solution which accounts for that. It was built specifically to solve the frequent problems which arise with school websites.

Easy to Use

Pre-built website pages make it easy to drop in content and customise to suit your school. Intuitive software that is easy for your team to update and manage directly.

Community Focused

When used effectively, your website can be a major source of support for keeping your school community connected, informed and running smoothly. Our solution has been designed to meet these needs and includes features to help with each.

Essential Support, Where You Need It

Like all things we do, our TTS|School Website Solution is a combination of technology and PL support. You'll receive PLD training sessions to teach your team how to make the most of your site, as well as ongoing phone and email support through our TTS Remote Support desk. Reach out to our team to learn more about what's included or for information on the website maintenance & support packages available.

Room to Grow

While our webiste template itself is streamlined, the add ons are limitless which means you'll never outgrow your website. Get in touch with our team if you want to build beyond what you see and we'll work to develop a solution which meets your needs.

Not sure if your school website is working for you?

Check out our blog post to learn how to assess your site's effectiveness yourself.

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