Locally Focussed PLD

What is Locally Focussed PLD?

Locally Focussed PLD is a structured and planned programme of professional learning and development, fully funded by the Ministry of Education. (Formerly known as Centrally-Funded PLD)

How can TTS Help?

TTS can offer Locally Focussed PLD in the following national priority areas:

We’ve developed a model for delivering this that minimises release time.

Before making a proposal, there are several things you need to consider, which includes:

There are a number of questions your Locally Focussed PLD proposal should answer. These include:

For more information, email pl@tts.co.nz and talk to one of TTS Professional Learning Facilitators about how we can assist with completing the Locally Focussed PLD proposal template.

What does Locally Focussed PLD cost? Nothing.

Find out how TTS can assist your school with putting together a proposal today

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