Digital Learning Resources

Our in-house tools to help manage, support, deliver and measure digital learning outcomes.

Making it easy to manage learning online.

TTS|Universal is our exclusive toolbox of digital learning resources created to help NZ schools elevate and manage their use of technology within the digital education landscape.

Our range of resources have been uniquely designed to help manage, deliver, engage and measure digital learning outcomes. Get in touch with our team to learn more about getting started with these resources at your school.

TTS Launchpad

Minimise Digital Distractions

Designed by teachers for schools, Launchpad is our exclusive internet bookmark manager which allows schools and teachers to post web links to individuals, groups, classes, or the whole school (all from one admin role). It has been designed specifically for education, with features and collaborative tools tailored to meet schools’ needs.

By setting up Launchpad as student's landing page, it allows them direct access to the internet content they need and avoids the risks of distraction or temptation brought on when suggestions are made by Google.

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TTS|Universal On Demand

Digital Learning, On Demand.

We’re excited to introduce TTS|Universal On Demand, our online subscription service offering a wide variety of digital PLD and learning resources that can be accessed by teachers and students from anywhere.

What's inlcuded: Access to TTS Minecraft Resources, On Demand PLD Courses, Enhanced analytics with Launchpad Pro, and more.

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Digital Learning Blog Article

What’s going on with Google Apps?

There have been a couple significant changes to Google Apps in the last few weeks. If your school uses Google then this blog may help you cut through the tech-speak and assist with understanding how these changes effect you and your school.

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Start today.

Educators around NZ are utilising Launchpad in their classrooms to improve learning outcomes for students by making it easier, and safer, to manage the digital environment.

Get in touch to get your school started with Launchpad, or have a look around the Launchpad Help Centre to learn more.

Regionally Allocated PLD

If your school has been allocated PLD hours and you'd like to see if TTS is the best fit to deliver your PLD, reach out to us for a quick chat to learn more about what topics our facilitators could deliver to best benefit your school staff.

Not sure if your school is eligible for Ministry Funded PLD?

Our team can help. Get in touch to learn more about the application process and how our facilitators can provide support to you at every stage.

Next application deadline: 20 May, 2022

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