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Keyboard shortcuts for everyday actions

Save time by ditching the mouse or trackpad with these four shortcuts that you’ll use every day.

#1. Send your email

Gmail = CTRL + ENTER

Outlook = Alt + S

Mac Outlook = Command + Return

#2. Select all the content in a window

Whether it is a document, a picture, a folder full of files, or even a web page.


Mac. = Command + A

#3. Paste your clipboard as plain text

PC = CTRL + Shift + V

Mac = Option + Shift + Command + V

#4. Refresh your web browser / reload a web page

PC = CTRL + R or F5

Mac = Command + R


Because the Chromebook has a different keyboard there are some different shortcuts that you may be used to using. So, to find all the shortcuts specific to your Chromebook press CTRL + ALT + ? and a keyboard shortcut key map will appear on your screen.

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