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TTS Universal – Seasons are Changing – Folio Modules for the term

Spring has sprung and classrooms are humming! Here are a few ideas to support your planning at the first 4 levels of the curriculum.

Level 1: Spring is coming!

The days are getting longer, the weather is more settled, and the natural world is waking up. Your students will be observing some of these changes, so now is the perfect time to begin an inquiry into the CHANGES OF SPRING. TTS Folio has two modules at Curriculum Level 1 that will support this inquiry:

  • The Seasons Module
    • The Seasons eXplore (including the poem Seasons Greetings)
    • The Seasons eQuest (nonfiction)
    • Around the Year with Mother Bear eTale (fiction)
    • My Season eDetective (student inquiry)
    • Teacher Resources with heaps of ideas for fun and engaging activities
  • The Sun Module
    • The Sun eXplore (including the poem The Sun Through the Seasons)
    • Shadows and Rainbows eScout (nonfiction)
    • Time Lapse eDetective (student inquiry)
    • Teacher Resources with heaps of ideas for fun and engaging activities

You might have Spring: Observing Seasonal Changes in your resource room. The texts in these modules will support this learning!

Level 2: Natural Adaptations

As your students notice spring arriving, they might start wondering how animals and plants survive through these changes. An inquiry into ADAPTATIONS might be timely. TTS Folio has two modules at Curriculum Level 2 that will support this inquiry:

  • Staying Alive Module
  • Amazing Plants Module

The books in these two modules cover reading levels 19 to 26 – Purple to Emerald for those of us who like the colour wheel! Use some or all of the resources, and check out the Teacher Resources for some fun and engaging activities. The eDetectives could have students designing gardens, exploring animal habitats or creating time lapse videos of plants growing.

Level 3: Wet, Wet, Wet!

There’s plenty of talk about wonderful wai at the moment. From the contamination of water supplies, to protecting the Kermadec seas, to cleaning up the rivers of Aotearoa New Zealand (to winning gold medals at an incredible rate on the water). Naturally curious, your students might start asking questions about water, and the importance of water for life on Earth. TTS Folio has two modules at Curriculum Level 3 that will support an inquiry into H2O:

  • Watery Worlds Module
  • Mighty Earth Module

Water is all around and as the students start learning more, you will find a variety of activities to share in the Teacher Resources. There is also a heap of examples of ways your students can share their learning with whānau. Try something new!

Level 4: Making a Difference: Individuals taking action

It is getting to that time of year where new leaders are stepping up to take responsibility, and school leavers are ready to show off their learning from the previous couple of years. What better time to begin an inquiry into INDIVIDUALS TAKING ACTION. TTS Folio has numerous modules at Curriculum Level 4 that will support this inquiry, including:

  • Youth Has a Voice Module
  • Global Challenges Module
  • Decisions Can Be Hard Module

Starting this inquiry now will give students the time to prepare their presentations. There are tonnes of different inquiries the students could do, and each eVoyager comes with a planning template for them to use.

The team at TTS love hearing how you and your students are using the resources. We are keen to see examples of your work and the outcomes from your students. Feel free to email feedback@ttsuniversal.nz with any celebrations, challenges and innovative ways you are using TTS Universal.


**TIP** To find the above modules, filter your library using the Module option.

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