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Recent changes to Google Drive, what schools need to know.

Google Drive for schoolsYou might not be aware, but there have been significant changes to Google Drive in the last few months.  If your school uses Google then this blog may help you cut through the tech-speak and assist with setting up a useful way of managing and sharing your files.

1. Team Drives

These are special folders that you can setup for other people at school – either staff or students. The big advantage over normal folders is that the owner can stop everyone else from accidentally deleting files. A frustrating limitation at the moment is that you can’t copy or move folders to team drives (but see Google Drive Stream).

2. Google Backup and Sync

This is an app that you install on your school laptop that syncs everything stored on it to Google. That means that you can access Word Documents and pictures stored on your desktop (see the TTS Tech Tip video on how to do this).

3. Google Drive Stream

This is also an app you install on your teacher laptop that allows you to easily access everything on Google Drive – including team drives. You can copy folders from your desktop to Team Drives with Google Drive Stream. You can set individual files and folders for offline access.

Which is right for you? TTS recommends Google Drive Stream for schools. For a detailed comparison, click here. You may need to have Team Drives enabled for your school, so contact TTS Remote Support 0800 887 4357 if you’re not sure.

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