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Literacy Open Week for Schools

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Want to encourage reading in your class?

To celebrate International Literacy Day on 8 September, TTS is inviting schools across New Zealand to participate in our OPEN WEEK competition.
By taking part, your classroom or school has open access to Folio, our digital learning platform, with hundreds of digital books and related activities. These books and resources have authentic Aotearoa contexts which have been created to be aligned with the New Zealand curriculum.

Reading content for schools

Visit our core content matrix which shows the inquiry modules by literacy and curriculum levels. By clicking on each module name it will show you the books that sit within it.

For the open week, you can assign books to students or they can select their own from the library which is aligned to their literacy level.

Core Content for Teachers and Students in Folio

During the open week, this website will be updated daily to show the leaderboard.

Schools will be measured by average student logins to the Folio platform, average number of books read, and average number of puzzles completed. 
So, no matter what size school you are, you have a chance to win! 

Download posters

Here are some posters to put up in your classroom to help your students login to Folio and engage with the competition.

Resources to download and print for your classroom

Open Week Competition Terms and Conditions