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PLD Facilitators

TTS are a member of PLANZMeet the TTS Professional Learning (PLD) Facilitators, who are Ministry of Education accredited.

Their role is to provide PLD to teachers and schools across New Zealand:

Steve Voisey

Steve Voisey - TTS PLD Consultant

Steve has taught in NZ for over 13 years. With experience across year levels, platforms and contexts, Steve delivers meaningful PLD that empowers educators to do what they’re good at: teaching and learning. Steve is patient and knowledgeable, and will enable teachers to use technology effectively and efficiently. Steve is extremely skilled in Google and is also an accredited Microsoft trainer.

Michael Richards

Michael Richards - TTS PLD Consultant

Michael is a teacher with 8 years classroom experience, and has taught students from years 1 through to 8. He has a bachelor of teaching and continues to learn through post-graduate studies. Michael is passionate about literacy education, and how reading and writing can – and should – be made accessible and interesting for all learners in schools.  As a teacher, he recognises the need for resources that engage, enable, and empower students so they can achieve a meaningful, successful, and sustainable education.

Nick Rowe

Nick is a MoE Accredited PLD facilitator with a BEd (Hons) Degree in Education. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching 11 to 18-year-olds, with the last fourteen years being in New Zealand. Nick believes in empowering teachers to be confident in a modern learning environment and to discover new ways of inspiring students. He is a firm believer of continuous improvement in the skills of a teacher to deliver a more interactive, productive and engaging experience. Nick is extremely skilled with Google Suite/Apps and Microsoft.

Sarah Cotching

Sarah Cotching PL Facilitator

Sarah is a passionate educator and lifelong learner who has worked across numerous education contexts for the past 20 years. Her skills include teacher mentoring and coaching, early childhood curriculum development, special needs teaching and learning and modifying the learning environment to suit the unique needs of the student and context. She’s worked in NZ, the Middle East, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. Sarah believes that empowering teachers to take risks with their own learning works in tandem with empowering students to find their own voice as learners.

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