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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Migration

TTS works with many different solutions for schools, however central to every environment is the infrastructure requirements of on-premise versus fully cloud.

Most schools will find that a hybrid infrastructure which incorporates both on-premise technologies as well as cloud computing brings the “best of both worlds” approach and provides an excellent solution for their needs.

Over time, as more and more applications become cloud-enabled, there is a strong drive towards a fully-cloud model, removing the need for physical servers onsite.

TTS All Cloud Solution

The TTS All Cloud solution is built with the future in mind, leveraging true cloud computing principles. This solution requires no on-premise hardware, nor does it use physical server infrastructure hosted in our data-centre or with another local provider.

Instead, this solution leverages the public cloud technologies and is delivered as a true service model, including remote support, management, and monthly software-as-a-service licensing, making it easily scalable as the needs of the school change over time.

BYOD and Cloud Solutions for Schools

By scaling the services and licensing requirements based on school-managed devices, this solution also works for schools implementing strong Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) models.

Students who self-manage their device and do not require school management of that device, will still be enabled to connect to the core services and access their personal and class data in the cloud, lowering the per-device costs associated with the solution.

TTS can assist with navigating your school’s transformation to cloud, whether that is a full or partial move to cloud based services.

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