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Digital learning platform | Free trial for your schoolA digital learning platform and toolbox of applications that helps schools manage their online learning environment.  TTS Universal contains:

  • A managed, customisable catalogue of links to educational online resources selected by the school and published to staff and students.
  • Provides a personalised internet browsing experience for all users.
  • Easy access to single sign-on via Google or Office 365.
  • Integrates with the school’s cloud based directory of users and groups.
Folio—Teacher Interface
    • Resources aligned to levels 1-4 of the NZ curriculum with strong cross curricula links.
    • Inquiry modules for planning and activities that relate to the resources.
    • Easily assign to groups or individuals based on reading level.
Folio—Student Interface
    • Students can access their assigned digital books, change dual level texts, listen to narration, view videos and complete in-book activities.
  • Gamification via quests so that students can earn points.

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What schools think about the digital learning platform:

TTS Universal Digital Learning SoftwareFelicity Boyd of Royal Oak Primary School says “For us, TTS Universal streamlines everything that teachers want students to access online using the Launchpad. It works very well because the format is familiar to all students as they move through the school but at the same time is being adapted to suit their learning needs. The content of the Folio reading programme is excellent. Quality texts suited to NZ classrooms! The ability to assign books and tasks and monitor students’ reading makes it a great programme for independent and guided sessions, with the bonus of students being able to continue their reading at home.”

Interface Magazine Reviews:

Greg Adams, Interface Magazine Editor says “Almost a year ago, we reviewed TTS Universal, a digital learning platform and toolbox of apps and online resources. I was impressed then… having just been shown the latest updates, even more so now. Two things struck me the most.”  

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Interface Magazine Review of TTS Universal

Greg Adams, Interface Magazine Editor says “The first thing to note is how straightfoward it is to use.  There’s a simple, single sign-in. It’s also very clean and clear to look at and navigate.  The home screen is called the “Launchpad’ Here both teachers and students – install icons for the links and resources they use regularly.”  

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Sign up for a free trial of the digital learning platform at your school:

TTS is offering a free trial of the TTS Universal digital learning platform. If you are interested in participating, or seeing a demo, please complete the sign up form.

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