The complete IT infrastructure in the cloud.

The future of IT infrastructure in schools is here - we call it Nimbus™. Designed specifically for New Zealand schools and located in New Zealand, Nimbus offers an unrivalled enterprise quality server infrastructure from the cloud, while minimising the cost and complexity often associated with traditional on-premise servers. Nimbus is designed to complement or fully replace your current ICT infrastructure.

Benefits of Nimbus over traditional server infrastructure

Nimbus is designed to allow many schools to connect to and share a pool of services, while still retaining separation and security for the data from each school. This allows each school to do away with a costly “individual” server infrastructure. This ability to share server hardware, software and maintenance across many schools while remaining secure, helps to drive down costs and to make ICT more sustainable.

Best of all, when compared to on-premise servers, Nimbus offers significant improvements in the way that students and teachers access and use their files and software. This is designed to enable modern teaching and learning practice.

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Microsoft and Google Cloud Solutions

For many, a move to Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps is their first significant step into the world of cloud computing. These Google and Microsoft public cloud services offer a number of benefits including large email and file storage capacities plus anywhere, anytime access to web-based office applications. Moving mail servers to the cloud can also be a very cost-effective solution.

To ensure a smooth transition to any public cloud service, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps, TTS offers a number of integration services from the initial deployment and migration of data, through to synchronisation of directories and ongoing technical support as required.

Cloud backup

Safe and secure protection of your most critical data

We offer a sophisticated set‐and‐forget backup solution where files are automatically transferred from school computers to off‐site, state‐of‐the-art, storage facilities located in NZ. Data is fully encrypted. Back-ups are dynamic, meaning only data that has changed is synched and backed-up. The service provides for local redundancy through mirrored data stored in the data centre.

Should you lose data it is a quick and simple process to retrieve it from the data centre and move it back to its original location. In the event of a worst case scenario such as a fire or natural disaster where school based computers couldn’t be accessed , critical data can still be accessed from a remote location.